How Does it Work?

Getting a tailored suit from Hong Kong has never been this easy. The process is simple and stress-free!

  1. Setup an appointment with one of our associates traveling to your city by subscribing to our mailing list (link) or contact us at
  2. During the appointment for the fitting, our associate will discuss with you, your needs and requirements for your new garments so he is well-informed about your preferences in aiding you throughout your purchase.
  3. The associate will then show you selected fabric swatches based on your preferences from our exclusive selection of over 20,000 fabrics. Please don’t be intimidated – our associate will guide you through the selection to find a fabric that matches your requirements. Next, we will discuss the styling of your garment. Such as, how many buttons on the jacket, pleated or flat front trousers, collar style of the shirt, etc. Our associate will advise you of the latest fashion trends so you can make an informed decision.
  4. The most important step – measurements will be recorded at this time. Over 25 precise measurements are taken and digital photographs are captured of the customer. The photos are used to determine the body posture, shoulder shape and other physical details. The measurements and photos aid the tailor in determining the shape and cut of the suit to ensure the perfect fit to the customer’s body.
  5. The order is received and executed at our HQ in Hong Kong where the garments are made. Once they are completed, they go through a rigorous quality check before being shipped out to the customer. Shipping is done by courier, which normally takes 48-72 hours for delivery.
  6. You shall be kept informed of the dispatch via email, with the tracking number of the package to guarantee the delivery.